Honma Beres: S-06


The gold standard of golf is back with BERES

Honma Golf released the new BERES series S/IS-06 and U-06, continuing their successful line of premium equipment.

The BERES S-06 driver has a “trampoline” effect with slits on the sole coupled with a head shape which offers added forgiveness for smoother swings. The BERES S-06 driver’s expanded size and larger effective hitting area helps to increase carry distance and forgiveness and brings out the best performance of golfers.

The IS-06 irons yield even higher trajectory with a new wide L-cup face structure, which promotes a trampoline effect for longer carry distance. The IS-06 long irons offer a more forgiving head shape, similar to utility clubs. A premium design is featured on the back of the IS-06 irons, increasing golfers joy of ownership of these exquisite clubs.

The U-06 utility clubs feature a shallow back shape, a deep center of gravity and a large weight angle which makes them extremely forgiving, while helping to promote a higher and more penetrating ball flight.

The in-house made shaft -ARMRQ-X- is lighter than the previous model. This new shaft model has been strengthened on the grip side and softened in the center, which promotes higher launch angles and increased stability and control.

These shafts were developed to improve timing and they feature a weight flow design developed for a consistent feel throughout the iron set.


Available at all Pan-West outlets.

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