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Thanyapura provides the perfect holiday destination for all fitness buffs

These days, going for a holiday entails more than just sight seeing, shopping or doing nothing at a beach resort. People want to go abroad and to enjoy and indulge in an experience. Indeed, experiential holidays are getting more popular. Now, if you are like me, an avid fitness enthusiast, a fitness-themed holiday at Thanyapura was quite simply heaven to me.

Thanyapura is a 23-hectare integrated sports and leisure hub situated just 15 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport, and a two-hour flight away from Singapore. Boasting world-class sports facilities and specialisation training, the place is good enough for Olympians to train, and more than sufficient for the average fitness enthusiast. It is not unusual to walk past the 50-metre Olympic-standard pool where an Olympic swimming team is furiously clocking laps, or bump into world-class athletes such as tennis ace Maria Sharapova or Formula One star Jenson Button at the shake bar.

Set amidst forestry and mountains, the Thanyapura megaplex includes a Sports Hotel with 100 over rooms, Sports & Leisure Club with full-fledged professional sporting facilities and a spa, an Integrative Health Centre with a sports medicine centre and laboratory, as well as a Mind Centre for mental training.

Workout fanatic

I spent the most time at the Sports & Leisure Centre, in particular, at the 900 square-metre fitness centre which runs group fitness classes such as spin, Muay Thai, yoga, Pilates and HIIT.

Over the five days I stayed there, I made it a point to try every class and ended up going back to HIIT and Muay Thai the most. Otherwise, I would be somewhere at either one of the two fully-equipped gyms – that hold such a wide range of machines and equipment – doing my deadlifts or squats.

I followed a rather standard routine of sleep, workout, eat, workout, eat, workout, sleep during my stay and it was so fulfilling a life I wish I could stay there permanently. Besides the Olympic pool, there is also an international rugby pitch, six indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a 500-metre running track, a soccer pitch, as well as basketball, handball and beach volleyball courts.

Thanyapura is also reputed for its specialised training and sport performance camps run by professional athletes such as Ironman legend Jurgen Zack. I was offered the opportunity to join one of the triathlon trainings but I chose to go for tennis lessons instead! On another occasion, I hopped onto a mountain bike and cycled around the surrounding hills.

At any time you feel like your muscles are getting too tight, take a break from the exercise and make an appointment at the spa for a relaxing sports massage. As sore as I was, I still managed to fall asleep in the hands of their experienced masseuse.

Fueling the body

A very important part of my active lifestyle is nutrition. Thanyapura has specific programmes such as weight loss or detox, but I felt that the menus offered at the DiVine Restaurant (main eating area), Grind Café and Booster Bar were healthy enough.

There are specific sections in the food menu with macros calculated for each dish and the drink menu has protein shakes and booster shots for those who are stricter with their diets. One of the highlights of my day was heading to the Café after a workout to drink fresh, naturally sweet Thai coconuts.

Thanyapura caters to a fairly large audience, from competitive athletes to fitness enthusiasts, corporates, competitive athletes or simply for a weekend getaway. It is built for the athlete in mind with an emphasis on performance, be it athletic performance or personal enhancement. Families can leave their children at the dedicated childcare service that will look after your young ones so you can have some “me” time.

The tranquil stress-free environment helps to relax you, while the friendly staff are always on hand to assist you with whatever you need.

Although I am working out every day, I felt no strain on the body because I was eating well and also getting sufficient rest, while enjoying the occasional relaxing massage or soothing the mind with a meditation session.

If you would like some nightlife entertainment, you can book a car out to the beaches in Phuket and have dinner by the water or grab a drink at a watering hole. The sea breeze does wonders to clear the mind, but I was too knackered by the end of each day to paint the town red after all those workouts.

Now, that’s my kind of holiday.

120/1 Moo 7 Thepkasattri Road, Thepkasattri,
Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)76 336 000

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