Barnbougle is set on 200 acres of undulating coastal dunes and is the creative genius of famed golf architect Tom Doak and Australia's Michael Clayton. Barnbougle, still only in its youth, continues to gain a reputation as one of the world's top links golf courses. The breathtaking landscape upon which the course has been created mirrors the wild coastal links courses of Scotland and Ireland and as Barnbougle continues to develop with age it looks set to follow in the footsteps of these great courses.

Marvelous Melbourne

 Distinct in its own nature, Melbourne has more to offer than you think.   Australia, being a single continent-country that lies entirely within the southern hemisphere, is unique in that it sees winters during the middle months of the calendar and summers in the last quarter. It is the ...

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An Adventurous Middle Eastern Jaunt

Oman’s high season starts in November, when the temperatures are cooler; the high season lasts until March. The Muscat Festival that starts in mid-January brings plenty of colour and vibrancy to the city, so you may want to time your visit to coincide with that. The warmer months are ...

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No Clubs, No Problem

Golf in Singapore took yet another hit. Raffles Country Club will be the second golf club after Jurong Country Club to make way for the KL-Singapore High Speed Railway (HSR). Just like Keppel Club, Marina Bay Golf Course and Orchid Country Club, the two westerly clubs will be wiped ...

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Panathenaic Stadium Aerial

Run like an Olympian

You may have read about the genesis of the marathon road race, where Pheidippides had to run 42.195km from Marathon (a region in Greece) to Athens to deliver news of a Greek military victory against the Persians. But why just read about it, when you can experience the route first ...

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Death Road, Bolivia credit Mauricio Frias

High Velo-City

There are very few ways better to explore a place, than on a bicycle. Calibre explores some of the world’s most epic cycling routes. Death Road, Bolivia You’ll be riding on the edge, literally. The Death Road in Bolivia is a 40-mile (64.4km) route stretches from La Paz and ...

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Fitness Heaven

Thanyapura provides the perfect holiday destination for all fitness buffs These days, going for a holiday entails more than just sight seeing, shopping or doing nothing at a beach resort. People want to go abroad and to enjoy and indulge in an experience. Indeed, experiential holidays are getting more ...

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Augusta National Golf Club

Fairways And Dreams

Whoever coined the classic adage, “Money can’t buy everything” must have been turned down by one of the following prestigious golf clubs whose by-invitation-only policy or rigid membership criteria have shattered the dreams of many a golfer. Ever since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene in the 1990s, it ...

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Exploring the mountains on Via Ferrata. Don't look down!

Adventure south!

Cheryl Tay recounts her thrilling and activity-filled adventure in New Zealand For adrenalin junkies, the best kind of holidays are those that leave you exhausted at the end of the day from all the physical and adventure activities. Before my trip to New Zealand, I was filled with excitement. ...

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A vantage view from the owner's exclusive balcony at the club house

A Legendary Golf Course

Legends of the game played at Riviera Country Club, one of America’s greatest and most historic golf venues. By Ong Cheow Eng When a club announces its plans to hold a professional golf tournament, some of its members will greet the news with a sense of dismay and sometimes, ...

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